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Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Fitter

The technology has improved to keep up with the growing sophistication of car thieves. Autowatch Ghost immobiliser works with your vehicle's buttons on the steering wheel as well as the centre console and door panels to create a unique pin code sequence which must be entered before driving your car.

The device is not detectable by thieves, utilizes CAN data, and has no circuit breaks, making it a safe and easy-to-install system. RCA Cheadle is an approved Ghost immobiliser installer and a member of TASSA.

No Key Fobs or LED Signs

The Autowatch Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN immobiliser that can ensure your car is safe from key cloning or hacking, as well as key theft. It is silently operated and is integrated into your car's CAN network.

The buttons on the steering wheel and the door panels of your vehicle create an unique, reusable PIN code (up to 20 presses) which must be entered prior to driving. It is the same system that you use to access mobile banking or your credit card. You can change it at any time. You can do this in seconds using your smartphone and the app you downloaded. If you prefer using your keyfob.

This is an important feature of the system that thieves will struggle to break or figure out since it doesn't require any additional electronic devices like the key fob. As such, there is no way that a thief will know what the code is and will struggle to find a way around this. It's also inaccessible to diagnostics since there aren't radio signals being transmitted and can't be detected by RF scanning technology that has been used to spoof the security systems of the past few years.

It is also weatherproof and can be connected to the vehicle's wiring at any time. It won't damage or leave marks on your vehicle, making it an excellent choice for those who are worried about their cars and want to improve their security.

The greatest thing about it is that there are no signals being sent. This means that thieves cannot see whether they have hacked the security device, or try to evade it. It's a great security feature for car stolen with ghost Immobiliser any car owner, particularly because criminals are increasingly targeting the latest vehicles that have advanced technology.

No Radio Signals

As previously mentioned, unlike other vehicle safety devices that require a key fob or pin code, to disable them the ghost 11 immobiliser immobiliser works without a sound and doesn't emit radio signals. This is because it connects directly to the CAN data bus, which means that thieves would have a very difficult time trying to detect its presence in your vehicle. The immobiliser won't be able to start your vehicle until you enter the correct PIN sequence, which can only be accomplished by pressing a few buttons pressed in a specific order. This can be easily controlled via the application.

This makes it more secure than other immobilisers that use a passive system, where the immobiliser will only shut off the ECU from power only if there is a key present and has an active signal on board. The systems can be disabled by using a tag or a keypad, by entering a pin code into the keypad, or pressing a particular sequence of buttons. However, the ghost immobiliser cannot be disabled in this way, so if you have your vehicle towed or stolen, you'll not be able to drive it back until you enter the correct pin code.

The ghost immobiliser has also been designed to be immune to the most sophisticated types of theft like the cloning technique. This is due to the fact that thieves could attempt to duplicate your key fob, or even hack into your vehicle's ECU and bypass its security. The CAN immobiliser blocks this by creating an unique pin code each when you start your vehicle. This means that any duplicate keys or systems for overriding won't work.

Furthermore, the CAN immobiliser provides excellent protection against signal boosting and is often used by thieves to thwart standard factory-fitted immobilisers. This means it is one of the most reliable and efficient immobilisers that we fit at Progressive Parts. It is accepted by insurance companies and is well-liked by customers who want to surrender their vehicle for valet parking. It comes with the feature of "Service Mode" that lets you drive your car for a short period of time without requiring PIN codes. This is helpful when guests or valet drivers are able to drive your vehicle.

No Circuit Cuts

In recent years, car theft has become more and more common with organised thieves using sophisticated diagnostics devices to detect fitted security systems. The Ghost is designed specifically for this reason. It isn't detected by any diagnostic tools, and it works silently with the vehicle's CAN data circuit. It connects to the vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit) and a unique pin code is inputted which must be entered before the engine can start. The thief will not be able to steal your vehicle simply by replacing the ECU or putting in a new key. They must first enter the correct PIN code.

The system also has the option of a service valet mode which will allow your vehicle to start and drive without the need for your personal PIN. This is great for when your vehicle is receiving its services, or when you're required to leave it with a valet company or mechanic. You can also switch it on and off at will to ensure that nobody else is capable of starting your car even if you're there.

Our team of experienced professionals can assist you in securing your happiness and pride. We can advise you on the best way to protect your vehicle from key cloning, hacking or even stolen keys, without the need to cut any wires.

During our entire ghost immobiliser installation near me Installation process we provide an in-depth demonstration of how the device operates and will hand over the owner's manual along with the installer's certification and a ghost vehicle immobiliser emergency card for your security. We are fully insured and certified to install the Ghost device and provide an assurance should something go wrong during or following the installation.

The Autowatch Ghost is a subtle, next generation device that is connected to the CAN data network in your vehicle and comes with a unique PIN code that you can set with our team. The PIN code is entered by pressing buttons on the dashboard and the steering wheel to shut off the engine of your vehicle. It's a tiny, weatherproof device that cannot be detected by traditional methods. There are no LED indicators, and it's completely concealed during installation and fitting. The Ghost is inaccessible to modern, sophisticated RF scanning and code grabbing technology. It's also a fully reversible device that can be fitted or removed at any point.

No RF Scanning

A standard immobiliser is designed to stop your Car Stolen With Ghost Immobiliser from being driven when you don't have right key fob or code to turn it on. It does this by sending an immobiliser signal to the ECU. The engine control unit recognizes the signal and shuts off any component that is compromised.

Modern thieves, however, are always looking to stay ahead of car makers. They have modified technology such as key cloning (relay attacks), hacking (relay attacks) as well as key theft. These thieves will often resort to breaking and entering your property and fishing through your letterbox, stealing the keys to your car from your purse or even from your ignition.

The Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser on the market that shields you from all of these dangers. It works in silence and is not able to transmit radio signals and is not able to be detected by scanners with RF. It's TASSA-certified and approved by insurance providers So you're assured that it's safe to use and won't impact your warranty.

In contrast to an immobiliser fitted by the factory, car stolen with ghost immobiliser Ghost II doesn't come with an indicator for status so it is undetectable to any diagnostic tools. It is also independent of any other alarms, immobilisers or trackers you may have installed. This makes it a very effective independent solution that is not disabled.

310762719_174097598533869_2015889089625884380_nlow.jpgIt's easy to use, and you only need to enter your pin code and your car will start. The immobiliser can also be set to a service valet mode which can be activated by pressing the buttons on the steering wheel or door panels. This is helpful when you wish to leave your car for valet service or go to a garage. You can change the pin code as many times as you want so that your car is always secure. If you're interested in getting a Ghost immobiliser fitted to your vehicle contact us now to find out more details and to schedule your appointment at our garage in Liverpool.


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